A Fictional Creative Story About Britney Spears Getting Into A Physical Fight. Do Not, I Repeat Do Not Take This Seriously!!! For Reading Pleasure Only

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Beverly Hills, LA- Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were found in a Fred Segal store in LA, California on December 7th, 2002 in a fistfight. There have been reports of other public arguments and fights between the two.When Spears and Aguilera were caught fighting in LA's hip Fred Segal boutique, Fred Segal himself had to step in. When asked about the fight in Fred Segal, Britney's rep said, "Christina is a sleaze ball. She sucker punched Britney in Fred Segal. Christina has absolutely no class. Christina has been trying to ruin Britney ...view middle of the document...

When some of the stars were asked to comment, many of them didn't. Ashley Olsen says, "It was totally crazy. Britney was just doing her thing, and Christina went and ---- whoa! But from what I hear, Britney deserved it. Not that it's any of my business, but if those two have beef, they should settle it somewhere else." Mary-Kate adds, "Yeah, it was pretty weird, and I definitely didn't expect it. There used to be all this publicity stunts, like where they stood at the podium together one time at like, the VMA's or something. I'm sure nobody wantedus to say anything, but every body in the businessknew they had some kindof friction going on."Britney was there at the launch party of Christina's new album, Stripped. Sources tell us that Britney then proceeded to confront Aguilera and as our sources tell us, "A lot of rude words were exchanged. Before anyone knew it, Christina let Britney have it." People then proceeded to encircle the two as they fought, and people chanted "Christina! Christina!" Aguilera suffered no real physical damage, but Spears took a week off.When will the Aguileira/Spears feud end? Even their families are joining in. "Britney better not go anywhere near my daughter," Shelly Kearns, Christina's Mom, warns.

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