A Fully Functional Network Design For Shelly Fashion

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Osazuwa Olufemi George

Business requirement
Shelly fashion is a clothing boutique that sells clothes to both male and female customers. Their goal is to be the biggest retail clothing store in the country which aims to provide customers from the ages of 5 to 45 years of age a wide variety of quality clothing.
The clothing retail store is open six days a week to customers who come in and buy their clothes directly at the store. The transaction is recorded and stored on the store’s computer with a Store Management Software which keeps track of inventory, sales, and computes the ...view middle of the document...

Because the network is an integral part of enabling the organization to do their jobs effectively and efficiently, this part is essential. It is here that the use of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is essential. 
2. Scalability: As the organization grows, the network must be able to keep pace. This network and its initial design must enable it to expand accordingly. (NB: A network that cannot keep pace with the organization's needs is not much use).
3. Adaptability: The network must be capable of responding to changes. In this case, the network should have the capabilities to embrace new technologies in a timely and efficient manner. This becomes extremely important as the network ages because change within networking is racing forward at breakneck speeds.
4. Manageability: Since management is the ultimate goal to provide a “true” and “better” proactive network, the network must have the proper tools and design to ensure that the administrator is always aware of its operation and current status.
5. Cost effectiveness: Since budgets and resources can be limited in most cases, building or expanding the network while staying within the predetermined budget is always a benefit to proper network design.
6. Reliability: As the WAN is the backbone of the network, reliability is usually the most important requirement in the designing of the network.
7. Latency: Another big concern with users on the network occurs when network access requests take a long time to be granted. In this case, users should be notified about a latency problem in the network.
8. Compatibility: The network should be compatible with standards or legacy systems, since compatibility is always going to be an issue within the network throughout its life.
9. Simplicity and easy configuration: The network should be simple and easy to configure.
10. Support for remote offices and telecommuters: In today's telecommunications environment, remote satellite offices are becoming commonplace and require network connectivity, so the plan must be accordingly. The organization rapidly increases the number of telecommuters. This must be kept in mind as the placement of network components are determined to ensure that they can handle this requirement when it becomes a priority for the organization.

Network assessment
There are already existing telephone lines in the retail store that it uses to communicate with its other branches, suppliers, business partners and customers. In all branches there is a intercom system that networks all the different departments of the retail store.
We found in our assessment that Shelly fashion network lacks some of the security, reliability and performance most of today’s business demand. Based on our assessment, the current condition of your technology environment is primarily due to lack of quality IT consulting and support, and secondary due to some additional configuration changes required to establish the appropriate...

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