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A Gabe Of Sky Essay

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A Gap of Sky
In the short story “A Gap of Sky” we follow a young woman on her quest for the essence of life. Throughout the story, which stretches across an afternoon, she digs deeper into herself, through sleepiness, drugs, university and a general indifference towards life, until she sees herself, on a grey afternoon in the centre of London, “filled with something fizzing and alive and beautiful”.
Ellie wakes up around 4 pm after a rough night with alcohol and various drugs that ended on a rooftop somewhere in London. She remembers that she felt happy that early morning, affected by the drugs and the surreal surroundings, but as she wakes up in her wretched little apartment, the joy ...view middle of the document...

In this curious and fearless state of mind, she enters the the British Museum and meets Death in there, in a exhibition of how different cultures deal with life and death. The thought of death exhausts and frightens her, but it also makes her mind wander to strange words whose origin she can't remember: “Nasty, brutish and short”. She becomes confused and hurries out and into the street and its traffic that makes her feel at home, and her head clears. Once again she feels stable and thinks about life and that all she does is really living it: “She is only nineteen, only living, and if that was sometimes a little extreme, well, how should life be lived?”
In the shop she finds a red stone that reminds her of her mother, and all of a sudden the wildness and rudeness of Ellie are combined with a discovery of the big love and respect she holds for her mother. She realises that she has taken too much for granted, and is filled with a love for the mother and the rest of the world so strong that she feels everybody must be able to see it inside of her. She discovers that every single person seems to be connected to every other person by a bond of love, and finally she catches a glimpse of the river and feels more alive than ever: “She wants to receive this night and its...

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