A Girl Battling For Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia Nervosa
PSY 230

This is the case study of Jeena, a girl battling Anorexia Nervosa.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that can cause a person to literally “waste away,” in some cases starving to death. Anorexics develop an intense fear of gaining weight and perceive themselves as fat even when they are, in reality, rail-thin. They may try to stop eating entirely, exercise excessively, or purge their food by vomiting or misusing laxatives. (Fairburn and Brownell, 156,157) The malnutrition caused by these extreme techniques can cause irreparable damage to the anorexic’s body, even if the disease is treated before it kills.
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However, her metamorphosis came at a price. She could not perform her gymnastics as well, and she was pressured by her coach to go back to the “old Jeena”. Her mother “suggested” she diet and exercise to lose weight, and she did.
Jeena cut out all junk food and ate healthy. She went to the gym everyday and did an intensive workout, even after the workout she received during her gymnastic practices. When Jeena lost fifteen pounds, not only was she praised by her parents, her coach told her he was glad to have the “old Jeena” back. The praise that Jeena received from her parents and coach for having such willpower and determination, gave Jeena the reinforcement she needed to continue her diet and exercise regiment. Finally, Jeena had found something that only she could control, her weight. At first, Jeena was eating healthy the “right” way, she had cut out the junk food and sodas, and replaced that with fruits and vegetables, but when she noticed that she had hit a plateau in her weight loss she decided that she was eating too much food, even though is was food that was good for her. She began to skip breakfast and this went unnoticed by her parents due to the busy lifestyle that is common in our culture today. (Katzman and Pinhas, 65) Jeena wasn’t getting the results she desired by skipping breakfast, so she began counting every calorie and the amount of fat that she was eating on a daily basis. She would check every label for the amount of calories and fat before she would even consider eating food. At dinner time, Jeena started eating less and less, but began cutting her food up in tiny pieces and just moving it around on the plate to make it appear as if she had eaten her dinner. (Nadelson, 25)
After a few weeks, Jeena’s mom started noticing that she was not really eating her dinner and would get up from the table to go to the bathroom several times during dinner. When she confronted Jeena about not eating, Jeena always had an excuse. Either she had a big lunch earlier in the day or she had eaten when she got home from school or practice. Jeena’s mom accepted her reasons for not eating as honest, after all, they always had open lines of communication and she trusted her daughter. All of this came crashing down around Jeena and her family when she fainted at gymnastics practice.
Jeena was taken to the local hospital and not very happy about it. She kept telling her parents that she was fine. When the doctor spoke to Jeena’s parents privately, he told them he thought Jeena was anorexic and would like to have her admitted to the hospital for evaluation and further testing. Jeena was very angry and resentful about being admitted to the hospital. After all, she was a teenager and the last place she wanted to spend her time was in the hospital. Jeena’s diagnosis was notable, since it has the highest mortality and morbidity rates of all psychiatric illnesses. (Gaughen, 123) The doctors and nurses...

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