A Glimpse Of Amy Tan Essay

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A Glimpse of Amy Tan
As one of the first Asian American cultural writers of her time, Amy Tan is also one of the most significant contemporary writers of Literature today. Amy Tan brings to life the struggles of dual cultural identity, generational clashes due to age and cultural gaps minority woman face in society. Many of her stories are based upon real obstacles her, her Mother and Grandmother had in their lives as young woman, facing not only the minority issues but the sexiest stigma’s of their times.
Born in Oakland, California in 1952, Amy Tan was born to immigrants that had left lives and family behind in China. As a teenager, Amy was faced with the tragic death of her Father and ...view middle of the document...

After a year into the program she was faced with yet another tragedy when her best friend was murdered and her emotions of the past came back to haunt her, she took a position as a language-development specialist for disabled children. Only to become frustrated with the politics and in”1981 she became a reporter for the journal Emergency Room Reports (now Emergency Medicine Reports), rising to managing editor and associate publisher. In 1983 she became a freelance technical writer.”(Champion) Although, Tan found she was very successful as a writer she came to terms with the fact that she had allowed her it to consume her. In measures to relieve her of this stigma she began learning to play jazz piano and began reading contemporary fiction. Only to join a writer’s workshop in 1985, “where Tan's first literary efforts were short stories, one of which secured her a position in the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, a fiction writers' workshop, directed by the novelist Oakley Hall. At the workshop she met Hempel and Molly Giles, who helped her to shape her talent and find her voice.” (Champion) Tan’s hobby quickly took a change to a career when her first novel, The Joy Luck Club, was published
In 1987, Tan and her mother took a trip to China, although their relationship had been not come to an understanding she had the opportunity to meet relatives and connect with her Chinese roots. Shortly upon her return from China, her “experience, combined with several stories that she had previously written, became the basis for her first novel, The Joy Luck Club. The book, a critical and commercial success, garnered the Silver Medal from the Commonwealth Club at the California Book Awards, the Bay Area Book Reviewers Association Award for Fiction, and the American Library Association's Best Book for Young Adults award. In the process Tan became one of the country's most popular authors, which prompted her to focus on creative writing full-time”. Tan’s belief that Chinese writers could not get their work published in the United States was now put to rest. She found writing about her experiences were actually therapeutic, and assisted in helping her emotions of always feeling inadequate in the face of her mother. Even when The Joy Luck Club was fourth on The New York Times best-seller list, Daisy remarked how Amy should have focused on being first, explaining that because she was so talented she deserved to be the best.” Tan wrote the The Joy Luck Club to pay homage to her grandmother, but also for her mother, Daisy, fulfilling a vow she made to her mother when she had nearly died and Tan was forced to realize the possibility of losing her mother. In Tan’s dedication of the book, she writes to reassure her mother that she and her stories will never be forgotten, "You asked me once what I would remember. This, and much more…" (Tan).
Tan’s writings “center on the love and antagonism between Chinese immigrant mothers and their American daughters....

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