A Global Competence Management System Essay

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Case Study: A Global Competence Management System
In 2006 company’s executives were faced with an upheaval. The new management was requested to conceive and develop “Vision 2008”, which had to be based on the old Vision from 2002. The new and the old executive boards were collaborating together as well as analysing the applicable strategy. The decision was taken to maintain the core principals, customer satisfaction and employee orientation. However, it was concluded that exceptionally the implementation processes have to be changed. The executives have set up new strategic targets and called it “Vision 2015”. For 2015 the executive board is determined to reach a customer satisfaction value ...view middle of the document...

It should also introduce certain methods for performance appraisals, job profiles and promotion policy. “To apply the available knowledge right way, in the right context”, that’s what Hilti understands under the term competence.

1 (Fallstudie-Hilti- Harvard Business von Bruch u Poralla – Seite 7)
2 (SCM Based on SAP, von Knolmeyer, Mertens, Zeiers und Dickersbach - Seite 177).

1. Evaluation process
In the beginning we had to prepare an evaluation of potential vendors that may be suitable for the needs of Hilti. The criteria for the evaluation were:
• Creating, maintaining and analysing corporate competences;
• Providing a mapping of competences to business processes;
• Assigning and maintaining competences of job profiles;
• Assigning, assessing and measuring competences of employees;
• Linking competences to trainings and job aids to improve competence gaps;
• Analysing business process performance in regards to the competences.
• Protection of data access
• Interface: web based
• Device independent and responsive web design, 24h accessibility, cloud-based, SaaS-based
• Support Business processes
• Integration of data from ERP for semiautomatic measurement of competences
• Cost perspective
To find competence management providers turned out to be more difficult than it seems at first glance. It took a while until we found the first vendors through a news article. That’s maybe because the competence management software is a niche product and mainly used by larger enterprises. And that’s why they don’t do a lot of marketing out of their targeted groups.
Using web-search a handful of vendors such as Avilar, Gyrus, Senetrico and e-knowledge were found. On their own websites, these vendors present themselves in a very favorable and much promising manner, with an offer for at least one of the best products. However, in our task we had to follow our criteria and it was necessary that the product we were looking for would be aligned with the process driven competence management approach developed by Hilti. (Figure 1)

Figure1: Process – driven Competence Management Approach
All the vendors listed above covered our needed functionalities in one way or the other. Unfortunately, the more significant problem was to satisfy our criteria. Either they didn’t meet our criteria, like web-based or device independent, or we were blocked because we didn’t get the information we needed. Even when we tried to connect the CMS-vendors. As the result, we took an opportunity to analyse the offers by SAP himself. This decision was made in regard to the SAP’s subsidiary called “successfactors”. This subsidiary provides a competence management system. It was found that successfactors can provide with all our needed functionalities. In addition, they also convinced us with their easily integration of existing business processes and systems like ERP at Hilti. They guarantee a simple, fast and risk free...

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