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A Good Orientation Is Essential For All New Employees

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“A good orientation is essential for all new employees, whether they have experience or not”.

I would say that I strongly agree with the statement above because the orientation for new employees is an issue that has be faced by every organization. Orientation training and the socialization of the new employees is an important concept for any organization to follow after an employee is hired. Although other terms, such as induction and indoctrination are also used, orientation is most accurately reflective of the real meaning and process.

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The term employee is means a person who is paid to work for.

According to Mathis and R.L., Jackson J.H. (2006), orientation is the planned introduction of new employees to their job, co-workers, and the organization, and is offered by most employers. Meanwhile, Klein and Weaver (2000) say, orientation program are form of employee training designed to introduce new employees to their job, the people they will working with, and the larger organization. Mondy and Noe (2009) also said that employee orientation is the initial training and development effort for new employee that strives to inform them about the company, the job and the workgroup.

In general, orientation is a early learning (training) for new employees to carrying out their responsibilities. Orientation also is the guided adjustment of the employee to the organization and work environment.

Orientation can be categorized into two main types, formal and informal. Table below shows the difference between these two types of employee orientation.

Table 1 : Type of Employee Orientation and its Differences


The National Research Bureau conducted a research among new employees in the Above the Standard Procurement Group, Inc. in Cambridge, MD about their orientation programme (Training New Employees). This research done in 2009 revealed that without the right orientation and training in the workplace, there are many negative thing that are impacted (costing the company time, money, increased risk, and the employee may end up...

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