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Is there really a defined right or wrong way to raise your child? How do you make sure the child you are raising becomes a productive member of society? How can you be sure that everything you have taught him is what he needs to know to tackle life? Did I discipline him enough, does he know right from wrong? Many parents ask themselves questions like these daily. But how do you know if you are raising your child right? I mean there is no degree in parenting. You take what you know from growing up and decided I want to be like my parents, or I will never be like my parents. I guess there is no sketched out map to raise your child correctly, but there are key things every parent needs to ...view middle of the document...

What I see as discipline for my child you might see as barbaric. Everyone’s view on discipline varies. I am not saying it is ok to grab the closest thing to you and beat your child for lieing. I think it is important to have different levels of discipline. When deciding on what discipline you will use in your household you need to first set clear boundaries, make sure your child understands the boundaries and what is expected of them. I also feel it is important to ‘pick your battles’, that is what my mom always told me. Kids are kids and at the end of the day they do not make all the right decisions. Sometimes letting the little things go is okay. But when your child steps over the boundaries you have set then discipline should be done. Whether you take away their favorite toy, or ground them, or spank them. I am not here to tell you how to discipline your child. I feel if every parent set clear boundaries and had a set disciplinary route decided before hand then when it comes time to discipline your child they know what they did wrong and what their punishment will be.

Everyone needs to be loved and nurtured, even more so a child. It is important to always let your child know they are loved. After being disciplined it is good for a parent to go back to the child after it is all over and tell your child you love them and that you only do this to...

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