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A Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

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A Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm
It has been well documented that when people are asked where they would prefer to die, the most common answer is, "At home." The sad fact is that most people draw their last breath at a hospital or some other type of health institution (Gomes, Higgins, 2006). The hospital environment has not been traditionally known as a spiritual place that promotes a loving, pleasing and compassionate environment. Although, a hospital is known to provide a cure for many physical ailments, it is not an environment that adequately promotes the ability to deal with a patient's death or the patient's healing process. The differences between the healing ...view middle of the document...

A pleasing environment may be difficult to describe as far as decor is concerned, but it can be called an environment where one feels safe and effortlessly comfortable. Secondly, the integration of a healing environment along with the utilization of technology that is the most currently advanced in order to assist in the healing process. The third component, and most important, is to always be aware of and embrace a culture known as Radical Loving Care (Mercy Gilbert Hospital Dignity Health, 2013).
This philosophy was first introduced by Erie Chapman, a healthcare industry leader. It centers on compassionate care and promotes using a holistic approach to heal patients. The use of the holistic concept involves healing the patient's physical ailments as well as attending to them emotionally and spiritually. It also applies the Golden Rule principle to healthcare, as well as the knowledge that every patient receives the best care possible. Every patient is treated and cared for in the way that they would want their own mothers to be cared for (Chapman, 2013).
Challenges and Barriers in Creating a Healing Environment
Medical healthcare facilities are in transition in order to comply with the many new guidelines for survey results imposed by the Medical Healthcare Reform (McNeil, 2012). While it is true that the stated mission of most all of the hospitals is to provide healthcare services with compassion and to deliver high quality care, it must also be done within a reasonable budget. Converting the underlying philosophy of a hospital to that of a healing hospital and incorporating a paradigm of healing processes, involves a large amount of monetary investment. Not only is it necessary to remodel patient areas to evoke a sense of tranquility and rest, but to implement the aforementioned Radical Loving Care by the hospital staff. The RLC involves training that will take many employee hours as well as the ongoing massive campaign to bring awareness of the new HCAPHs requirements (McNeil 2012). The financial investment to complete the preparations may cripple an already struggling hospital.
Another aspect of a hospital's mission statement involves servicing, caring and advocating for those in the community who are poor and sick. The portion of the population who has found themselves without any health insurance has increased to almost 51 million. (Wolf, 2012). It is the ethical and moral obligation of the community's hospitals to care for this growing population. The hospital's emergency department is full and wait times are long and tiring. It is difficult to incorporate a healing environment into an emergency department that is loud, chaotic and stressful.
While the healthcare reform has increased the demands of the hospital to provide quality care, it has not decreased the likelihood of litigation. Unfortunately, the possibility of litigation increases with the incorporation of the RLC and the change in its mission statement to...

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