A Healthy Relationship Essay

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A Healthy Relationship
Lana Eliot
PSY 301: Social Psychology
Professor Nickolas Dominello
March, 9 2015

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to someone? People are frequently attracted to others and do not fully understand why they are attracted to them and the emotions they feel for a person. The question that everyone asks though is why? What is it that attracts people to different cultures, races that make up everyone as an individual? A relationship can be complicated at times. People often feel attraction to others and do not understand why they feel that particular emotion and this particular emotion leads to love and relationships. ...view middle of the document...

The second most important reason we like certain people and not others is that people like other people that they think are attractive. It is no secret that people like to be around, date, and have relationships and friendships with people that are attractive. “Attractiveness appears to be the most important for the initial phases of the relationship” (Feenstra 2014, p.10.1). If a less attractive person likes a more attractive person, it is not uncommon for the more attractive person to be uninterested in the less attractive person, this causes people of similar physical attractiveness to have relationships because they are more equally attracted to each other. When couples are about the same in attractiveness, it is called the matching hypothesis. We like it when people match us in physical attractiveness and that is another reason why people that are of similar physical attractiveness end up together.
Similarity plays a key role in who we are attracted to. We are attracted to one another by their physical attraction. Physical attraction many people look for in another person. People that are similar to us does not necessarily mean they are the “right choice”, but seem to be the “safe choice” in what we know. For example, when an individual has similarities with someone, like enjoy fishing or hiking, then they are more likely to be attracted to that individual. “In general, we like and want to interact with those who are similar to us in values and interests” (Feenstra, 2014 p.12.1). “Women are more attracted to by social and economic status, ambition, strong character and intelligence, whereas men are more attracted by physical attractiveness” (Macalach, 2002 para. 3).
We are least likely to befriend someone from another culture than from a similar background with a similar aesthetic because we have similar interests. Someone that is from another culture may practice a different religion, something that we may not be accustomed to or believe in. People from other cultures may also speak a different language, which would make it hard to communicate with. Also not understanding the background of other cultures would make it hard for one to appreciate. Understanding the practices and standards others live by and believe in makes it difficult to befriend someone, let alone form a relationship with. People need to build relationships and build bonds because they “have a need to belong” (Feenstra, 2013).
People can be selective about who they want to have a relationship with. Being selective in social choices and not being easily influenced about who they want to interact with is called “hard to get”. Being selective is a good thing in my opinion because it shows that you are more confident in yourself and the type of person you are looking to meet. It shows that you have morals and self-esteem and that you are not willing to just interact with people of whom are not in your realm of...

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