A House Is Not Their Home

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Brown 1April BrownMrs. BentleyEnglish 110111 June 2012A House is not Their HomeIndependence and freedom sound wonderful, but the appeal of a life in the woods is hard to consider. However, the idea is not irrational. The Boxcar Children and Henry Thoreau, mentioned in Barbara Lazear Ascher's essay, "The Box Man," may be houseless, yet are much happier than an outsider assumes. With only one's self to rely on for survival a person probably would experience an adventurous life, peacefulness, and complete personal freedom.First, I try to imagine the life of sneaking around, taking without asking, and going to sleep not knowing what tomorrow brings, much like the adventurous ...view middle of the document...

In Ascher's essay she cites Thoreau as describing his solitary experience living in the woods as not "crowded or confined in the least,"(7) with "pasture enough for … imagination."(7) While many busy Americans barely get five minutes to reflect on one day, Thoreau was able to reflect only on his thoughts and feelings for two years. As my two-year-old runs through the house screaming, I can only envision how calm and relaxed he must have felt.Third, the freedom to do as one pleases is a very appealing side to the solitary life described in The Boxcar Children and Thoreau's story, Walden, both mentioned in "The Box Man." No parents to answer to, no spouse to explain to, no children to care for, and no rules to abide by, Ascher informs readers that The Boxcar Children used nature's tools to be what they needed to survive and succeeded to live in the "happy, adultless pursuit of joy"(Ascher7). Even though this lifestyle would be difficult, one day in the shoes of a Boxcar Child may prove to be rather rewarding.While I stare at my laptop I visualize myself in the shoes of a Boxcar Child playing all day long, or Thoreau peacefully basking in a long-awaited sunrise. Barbara Lazear Ascher writes in her essay "The Box Man", "One could live like this"(6). Instead of the normal trials most people face, adventure, peacefulness, and the inexistence of authority describe the lives of these children and this man I have mentioned. If we all had the "unquestioning faith" (Asher7) that it will all be okay in the end, we could live like this as well.

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