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A Hunger Artist Essay

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Fictional stories are some of the most creative and provocative writings found throughout the literary world. Authors conjure up worlds of make believe or tell the reader tales that takes the mind on a journey. In the analysis of these writings of fiction, one can find, although not always with ease, six central elements. Each of these elements helps develop the story and make it a complete work. To remove any of these items from a fictional tale would lessen the value and richness of the story told. In Franz Kafka's work, "A Hunger Artist," you can see examples of these integral elements of fiction: setting, character, point of view, plot, theme, and symbol.First, Kafka introduces us to the ...view middle of the document...

We are invited to thoughts that are in the hunger artist's psyche. Kafka's use of this point of view gives the reader a clearer understanding of what is going on inside the mind of the main character, which is helpful to those who would not comprehend why a person would endure such torture as a profession and claim it to be art.Moving on, the plot of a fictional work is, as our text states, "a series of events connected by causation." Simply put, the plot is the flow of transpired events throughout a story. A plot can be broken into parts that make it easier to analyze. Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement are all parts of the plot as a whole. Exposition is the portion that sets the story up for the reader. In A Hunger Artist, the plot is set by Kafka's description of the dwindling interest in hunger art. Rising action usually ensues. Action rises when the artist loses his audience and must find a new way to draw a crowd. The climax in A Hunger Artist is a bit trickier to pin point. I believe the climax on the story is when the artist joins the circus. It is this point at which we know something is going to happen to him. As we read about the ever-lowering interest in the...

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