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A Key Concept In Information Systems

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Computer and network security has become very important to businesses, government, military, and individuals. Many companies have been compromised and personal information obtained and used without authorization. It is very important to have computer and network security to keep hackers and malware from collecting data and destroying a computer system and network. Computer security protects all of the data that is stored on your computer. Every component should be protected that includes hardware, software, and data.
The history of Network security started when hacking crimes started in the 1980’s. Robert Morris was a computer hacker that released a worm that affected 6,000 computer ...view middle of the document...

Firewalls also records all packets that have been rejected allowing an organization to be notified the number of attempts and rejected packets. When sending information outside of the network the firewalls encrypts the data to keep it secure.
Government agencies uses biometric security measures such as finger prints, retinal scanning and voice recognition. Finger print readers can used on notebook and desktop computers allowing only the person who’s finger print is stored having access to use. Retinal scanning is very reliable. “Iris-recognition systems highly reliable. The technology even surpasses the accuracy of DNA testing, which is intrusive, expensive and inconvenient to use for authentication (2015, September 6)”. Voice recognition is a biometric system that is use a person voice for recognition. Voice recognition relies on features influenced by both the physical structure of an individual’s vocal tract and the individual’s behavioral characteristics.
Many attitudes toward computer and network security are on the beliefs that the government monitors the communication and feel that their rights are being violated by the government accessing their personal files. Even though, it is for the safety of our country. Some people also feel differently and believe that the government should do more to protect them and their personal information. took a survey of companies taking personal data. Within the survey they found that forty four percent feels that data collection is an invasion of privacy when going to various websites and only five percent feels there is no problem at all. Many people are opposed to Facebook data collection than any other company and has received negative publicity as a result.
The advantages of firewalls is the lower in cost. Another advantage of a firewall can work by allowing direct connections between the client and the server. “Application inspection firewalls can stop an attacker from trying to set up a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel (triggered from inside the network) through an application firewall by way of tunneled HTTP requests (Khan, Umer, Riley, Behrens, 2005).” The disadvantages of Firewalls can be very restrictive to employees and limit them from performing normal duties. Software firewalls can constantly run on a computer and slow down processor speed and the Random Access...

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