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A League Of Their Own Essay

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Maddie Voth
Brian Diaz
English 1301. LTD
3, November 2008
A League of Their Own
When softball originated in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day, 1887, men played the game. People did not know the sport as softball at the time, but “Inside Baseball” and it involved a tied up boxing glove, and a pole. Women did not possess the game of softball until the first women’s team formed in 1895 at Chicago's West Division High School. Women play the first women’s softball world championships in 1965 Melbourne, Australia. Women’s softball reached its high point in 1996 when it became an Olympic Medal event.
Since the invention of softball, it has branched out in many different variations. These variations include, little league softball, high school softball, select softball teams, club softball teams, college softball, co-ed ...view middle of the document...

Even though Jennie is a dedicated softball player, she is also a wife, and a mother. This is one example that proves that not all softball players are homosexual.
In movies, such as What Happens in Vegas, one of the characters, Hater, stereotypes all softball players as lesbians. The character, Tipper, is a headstrong woman who played softball in college. She clashes with her best friend’s husband’s best friend because she is secretly falling for him. At one point in the movie Hater, who is the husband’s best friend, introduces Tipper as his lesbian sister. He asks Tipper to elaborate on her softball team.
Alix Dean graduated from Collinsville High School in 2006, and went on to play softball for San Angelo State. She has been dating the same boy for three years. When asked if she has ever been in a situation as to where people assumed she was a lesbian, just because she plays softball, she responded with this answer, “Yes. My team and I joke about that all the time. Whenever we say we play college softball, people give us weird looks, and I always have to say ‘Yeah I play softball... and I am not gay.’, and then they soften up and are cool with it.” She also said that there is only one homosexual girl on her softball team this year, and “she dated a guy for three years, they broke up and then a few months later she started dating this girl and they have been together for about a year now.” That is one lesbian out of sixteen softball players.
Over the years there have been many lesbian softball players. Some parts of society discriminate, harass, and bestow unfair treatment upon softball players due to their sexual orientation. Coaches have gone to the lengths of benching players because they assume they are gay. If the old stereotype were true, would not lesbians be more accepted in the world of softball? Some straight women, such as Alix, however, have learned to accept, and play along side with homosexual women.

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