A Look At A Career As Controller In The Corporate Finance Industry

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A Look at a Career as Controller in the Corporate Finance Industry
Having worked in the Financial Industry for 11 years I feel like it would be natural for me to seek a job such as Controller at a Financial Institution or in the Finance Industry. In order to determine the requirements for such a position I searched a sample job description:
Responsible for direct supervision of all accounting and financial functions. Primary responsibilities include supervision of the monthly close process, monthly, quarterly and annual billings to clients for services provided, billing reimbursements from clients, collection of accounts receivable, supervising accounts payable, payroll, monthly reporting ...view middle of the document...

” (www.salary.com)
My employer, Metro Bank, has a Controller position. At Metro Bank our Controller oversees the Accounting Department, Finance Department, Purchasing, etc. The Controller is also strategic in passing the annual budget, financial forecasting, and the future of the organization as a whole. As Metro Bank is a small employer it is not unusual for additional tasks (such as Purchasing listed above) to be handing to the Controller:
In lean organizations, controllers can have broad job descriptions or a number of unstated additional duties, assuming a variety of additional roles. These can include market research, general data analysis, product management and product development, corporate strategy, business forecasting, liaison with information technology groups and acting as a de facto chief of staff for the line executive whom you support. (www.about.com)

I believe this is an attainable career goal for me and would definitely like to aspire to a position of this magnitude. ...

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