A Man And A Woman Arguing By Rumi

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In “A Man and A Woman Arguing,” Rumi’s narrative poem brings about two speakers a husband and a wife who are in an overwhelming argument about their life. The husband and wife both go back and forth about their life and how destroyed it has become. Different aspects of their living conditions are brought up and the fact that nothing is being done about it. While the wife is arguing why it is all bad and that it needs to be better, the husband on the other hand is happy with where they are and is accepting life for what it is. This argument continues through that night, the day and so on. Many of the figures of speech, tone, metaphors and psychological imagery used in this poem enlighten ...view middle of the document...

The speaker’s beliefs about not having much to be proud of gives the reader a clear understanding of the poem. The wife doesn’t seem too happy about their living conditions. “We have no bread. We have no spices. We have no water jug. We barely have any clothes. No blankets,” (Lines 4-6). This really clears up the frustration of the wife and why she’s furious because they have nothing to call of their own.
Now the speaker is relating back to not having any food of their own and now showing that they tend to substitute it with other things such as, “We fantasize that the full moon is a cake. We reach for it!”(8-9). Here the speaker is using a figure of speech, metaphorically stating that the moon shinning and looking bright that to them it has the appearance of a cake which they reach to get. “We’re an embarrassment even to the beggars.”(9-10) Now the speaker is actually putting themselves even below beggars and because they have nothing to call their own, they are embarrassed even to the beggars. “Everyone avoids us” (10) because they are poor and below beggars, because of these circumstances nobody cares about them. In lines 8-10 there it is a three line stanza. A lot of emotions pouring out within those three lines, the speaker is showing their class and where they stand by comparing themselves to the beggars.
Coming from comparing themselves to beggars now the wife has concerns of their family amongst the society so on Lines 11-17 a seven line stanza showing the concerns regarding their class amongst the society. “Arab men are supposed to be generous warriors, but look at you, stumbling around!” She’s comparing her husband to all Arab men wanting him to be a generous warrior just like the other man. “If some guests were to come to us, we’d steal his rags when he fell asleep.” Now the wife is claiming herself and her husband as being so poor and needy that they will steal from their guests.
“when he fell asleep. Who is your guide
that leads you to this? We can’t even get
a handful of lentils! Ten years’ worth
of nothing, that’s what we are!” (12-17)
In lines 12-17, there is a simile with not being able to even get a handful lentils and of how poor they are they both can relate. The line “Who is your guide that leads you to this?” jumps into the aspect of leadership, and in Bedouin’s case being religion and God. That line causes the setting to shift towards a religious view within the poem.
“If God is abundant, we must be following an imposter.” The speaker is getting more tense as the reference to God being brought up. Lines 19-22 consist of 4 line stanza. Has a rhyme with line 21 and 22.
“that always says, Tomorrow, illumination
Will bring you treasure, tomorrow.(21-22)
The speaker is claiming that what they are following is an imposter and fake. Meaning their God is worthless because he’s not providing for them. They are poor because God wouldn’t help them along their lives. “As everyone knows, that never...

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