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A Moral Arguement On Abortion Rebuttal

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A Moral Argument for Abortion Rebuttal
Casey Garza December 6, 2012
A Moral Argument for Abortion Rebuttal
Casey Garza December 6, 2012

Davidson Loehr’s article “ A Moral Argument for Abortion” is based on a wide range of arguments based on bates over abortion. One of the arguments I found that I did not agree with was when he stated, “ It’s a quantity of life versus quality of life issue” (Loher, 2011). I feel that no matter how many humans there may be in the world at one point in time, that should not factor the life of one human being. There are many issues that I am able to see both sides of when it comes to abortion, but with this topic I cannot see any ...view middle of the document...

I guess what I am trying to say is even if we added in what the household size would have been for a woman if they chose not to have an abortion; the household size still would have decreased. If families were able to live just fine with the quality of life they had in the 1970s, I don’t see a reason why we wouldn’t today.
Another way to look at this information is seeing it from an employer’s perspective. If women decided not to have an abortion, we would have more people employed and helping our economy strive. In today’s community, they have jobs for every type of personality, and make jobs available to people with disabilities. Even for individuals on disabilities, they are able to work part time jobs to help out the community. My father is getting part time disability due to a heart condition and after talking to his county employment office found he was still able to help out on a farm part time. So even though he is on disability, he is able to give back to his community. I think many are still able to do this, and many want to get out there and interact with all their neighbors.
To sum up my rebuttal, my main argument is as follows: No matter the quantity of your family, you can still have a very good quality of life. It is not always about the money that makes a person happy. It is about friends and family, and many will agree with “the bigger, the better”. And with all the resources available to us in the United States, I don’t think it is worth taking a life.


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