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A Musical Society Essay

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A Musical Society

Have you ever walked into a classroom where every single student was concentrating? Yeah me either, but what if it was possible? If ever classroom had music playing then students would be able to concentrate better and easier. If every student was required to play a musical instrument or attend a music class every day then grades would be higher. If doctors used music in their offices it would calm patients down and even help them to forget about some of the pain. Music affects us in ways such as the way we learn, how we deal with pain, and how it affects our mood.
In 1993 three college professors did a study on their students. They told their students to listen to Mozart music while they worked on their homework. The professors also used the music in the classroom. They found the thirty-six out of ...view middle of the document...

In 2001 Professor Blood and Professor Zatorre found that activity of the amygdala is decreased when individuals have pleasurable responses to music. “Such action may be an important mechanism by which music therapy exerts its beneficial effects on pain experience and tolerance” (Neuglauer)
It is not surprising that music has become widely used by health professionals as a form of “medicine” with all types of patients. Listening to music has been affective in reducing pre operation anxiety, promoting relaxation, and reducing pain and stress in patients. Also, studies show that cancer patients that listen to calm music have decreased pain perception.
Music has a direct influence on your mood. In 1997 Professor Krumhansl measured psychological changes in response to different pieces of music and found that music in a major key and with a rapid tempo influenced a feeling of happiness in subjects. However, music in a minor key and with a slow tempo influenced a feeling of sadness.
In bookstores, restaurants, and shopping malls there is often music playing in the background. The kind of music they choose to play depends on the types of audiences they target. Music is found to enhance customer experience. Music being played in malls and restaurants makes the atmosphere feel light and happy. People tend to spend more time in malls or other places that play pleasant music. Different types of music seem to create different kinds of moods and arouse many emotions.
“Music is an effective, almost magical medium for learning, imagination, and emotions. It’s amazing how words paired with music are far easier to remember. Isn’t it interesting how we all still know by heart our ABC’s?” (McMannis) Music is a huge part of our lives whether we realize it or not. It affects us in many ways we know, and also many we don’t quite understand. Changing grades in the classroom, emotions of a doctor’s patient, and even the moods of people around us.

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