A Nation Robbed Of Its Future: Reflection On Philippine Education

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She is 21 years old, still in freshman year of high school. She can read, but she doesn’t understand a thing.
He is 17 years old. He can’t read, which makes comprehension next to impossible. The oldest in a 2nd grade class of 60, none of the nine year old kids want to talk to him, want to sit next to him. He is ostracized.
She is 9 years old, and is taking 1st grade for the 3rd time. She wakes up before the sun rises to run to the nearest wet market, scavenge fallen vegetables that still seem edible, and serve to a family of 8. She is 9 years old and she hardly sleeps at night from all the work, and school in between.
A wise man Jose Rizal once said, “The children are our ...view middle of the document...

We see them as we go out of the house. We see them as we drive up to work. We see them as we open the television. We see them. They shouldn’t have to ask.
The government corrupts more than half the billion that should go to these children’s school fund, so what? Obviously, there is something terribly perverted with corruption, blatant as this or not, but it is high time we take the blame too. The problem of education, or lack of it, is everyone’s fault. Regrettably, in any point in time, there will be people who are impoverished. One can only do so much, yes, but one also obliged to do as much as he can.
The problem is lack of education; I say gather your old classmates to give all your used trusty schoolbooks to public schools. Distributing error-filled books that children of the public schools study should finally be done away with—price should never be prioritized over quality. The problem is lack of education; I say donate things –not just books, but clothes and footwear that aren’t used anymore—these things can make some of the basic issues manageable so becomes possible for education to come in the...

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