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A Neighborhood Change Essay

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So often there are many disappointments and frustrations that exist in our family, work and community. A lot of times, we use our imagination to examine how things could change. The question is how do we put our ideas into action? Community change may become a difficult task to accomplish because of the design of the environment ( Recklies, D, 2001). Consequently, change projects can result into constant change problems. Some of the obstacles that may occur in change are absence of dedication, opposition from those who are affiliated and poor resources. The fallout affect to change failure leads to a greater problem called dissatisfied and un-motivated participants. Those people ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the neighborhood has started to accumulate vacant homes. Those homes are presently owned by the banks and private landlords.
The issue that this change agent will try to make different is creating a system that allows neighborhood the authority to screen in coming home buyers or renters before they move in and ruin the pleasant place that we call “our neighborhood”. As a change agent or representative for the neighborhood, I would first go out into the community and visit the neighbors to find out whether or not they desire this change ( Recklies, 2001). This will be done by being an active listener as well as a information disseminator of the change and how it can take place.
Forming The Group
As a change agent for my neighborhood, my goal would be to establish a neighborhood council. This council would be voted in by the residents of the neighborhood just like a regular election. The election can be held at a neighborhood meeting. Once this council is elected the screening process will be the first order of business. One important factor is for the change agent to realize that most neighborhoods aren’t forming any groups that work together for the interest of the community. The people in the neighborhood that I would target as a change agent would be those individuals with the mindset that is similar to my own. By doing so, we will be able to establish a group that complement one another. In the process, it will also be very important to network with outside resources to establish finances that can be used...

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