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A New Deal A New America

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Throughout history, America has had a plethora of leaders. A handful of these leaders have found a place in the heart of many Americans. Franklin D. Roosevelt, commonly referred to as FDR, is without a doubt one of these leaders. FDR made new laws, put forth many ideas, and raised the public’s morale before, during, and after WWII. He affected America in such a way that he brought us out of the slum of Great Depression. Even though Franklin D. Roosevelt put America in debt, his new deal policy gave millions of Americans jobs, stimulated the economy, raised public moral, and introduced new big government tactics. He was truly the people’s president.
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In order to compensate for the debt he cuts the WPA and the PWA funds significantly. The economy toppled because of the unfortunate timing at which FDR cut the organizations spending. Right as Social Security took approximately 2 billion out of the economy for the first time he cut the organizations. By the end of 1937, about 2 million people were out of work and America entered a small recession.
Even though Roosevelt made a mistake by cutting spending, he was still an active and hard working president. A presidents rating is based on their first 100 days in office and whether or not they used it efficiently. FDR’s first 100 days are arguably the best. He is the gold standard when it comes to getting things done that need to be done. His first 100 days were focused on the need for immediate change. In his State of the Union Message in 1935, he stated that “throughout the world, change is the order of the day” (Doc H) explaining to his fellow Americans that things will get better, that he is going to rebuild America. He provided people of the nation with hope, something many had lost during the Great Depression. During his first 100 days, congress passed 15 major acts that helped control and mitigate the economic crisis. The programs that he provided in his new deal helped millions of people get a job. In a piece of artwork FDR is depicted standing over a troubled man; Roosevelt is helping this man by providing a wide array of jobs that can cater to his skill set (Doc D). With out FDR’s many programs and the acts that he supported, millions of people would still be suffering. Therefore, he is regarded as one of America’s best...

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