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Irresponsibility in John Updike's story A&P In the short story, "A&P", by John Updike, Sammy, the narrator is portrayed as being irresponsible. Sammy is a nineteen year old boy, who works in a supermarket, A&P. However, this boy, who holds a job and is suppose to be responsible, doesn't show responsibility at all. He is preoccupied by other things around him and doesn't pay attention to his job, he compares himself to one of his coworkers, and probably the most irresponsible things he does is quit his job. Yet quitting his job may be the most irresponsible thing for him to do, but he does learn a lesson from it. As soon as the story begins, we begin to see ...view middle of the document...

He is a twenty-one year old married man with two babies. Sammy compares himself to Stokesie, where as the only difference between the two is the fact that Stokesie is married with children.However, they are both working in this supermarket, checking out the three girls in their bathing suits. After Stokesie makes a comment, Sammy refers to him as a responsible married man. Yet he continues to say, "I forgot to say he thinks he's going to be manager some sunny day, maybe in 1990"¦" Sammy is saying this in a sarcastic tone. What he is really saying is that Stokesie doesn't have much of an opportunity to become manager because he is not qualified. He is saying that Stokesie is not really a responsible man. Therefore, by saying that Stokesie is not responsible, Sammy is labeling himself as irresponsible as well because as he said earlier, the only difference between the two is that Stokesie is married with kids. A third example, which shows how Sammy is irresponsible, is when he quits his job. When the manager, Lengel, comes out from his office...

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