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A Pair Of Silk Stockings Essay

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Angela Green
Eng 103
Mrs. King
Poetry Essay 2
A Pair of Silk Stockings

In this poem I predict that Mrs. Sommers bought a pair of stockings which made her feel and look good in. I also predict that she may miss having the finer things in life as though now Mrs. Sommers can’t afford it because the needs for her children. The speaker represents the individual conflicting between finances and wanting to make responsible decisions regarding money. Yet, the speaker tones suggest that Mrs. Sommers was very grateful that she had this money. The speaker’s use of symbolism, Imagery, and tone explains her ...view middle of the document...

This tone here is the selfish part of her and buying them and then heading to the shoe store to suit her new stockings.
The tone in the poem changed from this point in which she could of went home to eat but decides to go to a nice restaurant. She had a small meal with a glass of wine, while reading a magazine. She was not even bothered by the price, she also left a tip. This Mrs. Sommers was portraying a lifestyle she once had to having she the urge make herself feel like a wealthy person.
She then goes to a theatre to watch a play and was amazed with the experience. At this point Mrs. Sommers has forgot about the needs of her children because she wanted to experience that long ago rich life. Filled with disappointment, Mrs. Sommers took that cable car home with a blanked expression.
The persona in the poem is Mrs. Sommers because I discovered that she should have bought what her children needed and if she didn’t have enough to buy herself the stockings then it would be just that. I feel it was not right to spend it on her and not think about those kids...

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