A Panoramic View Of Chinese Culture

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A Panoramic View of Chinese Culture
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Essay Question: China is the oldest continuous civilization on earth. Obtaining a solid understanding of China’s culture of the past is necessary in order to successfully embrace all that the culture has to offer to the world.
Chinese Cuisine have a strong impact on the world
From ancient to modern times, Chinese culture have a strong impact on the world. Such as the Silk Road, connecting Chang’an in the east with Rome in the west, passed through countries in Middle east, and its influence carried over into Japan and Korea. Or Zheng He’s Voyages, he commanded the Chinese treasure Fleet to make seven far-ranging voyages to the west, which ...view middle of the document...

Chinese food culture have more influence on Japan. In the middle of the eighth Century, Jian Zhen went to Japan. Jian Zhen was a famous master of Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty. His sailing to Japan was regarded as a great event in the world’s Buddhism history. He not only brought many Buddhism books, but also a large amount of Chinese food, such as dry griddle cake, dry steamed cake and the techniques to made these cakes.
In addition to the northwest Silk Road and the Silk Road in the southwest, but also a Silk Road on the sea, it expanded the influence of Chinese Cuisine in the world. Thailand is located in the enter of Silk Road on the sea, and because of our convenient land traffic, there have so many contacts between the two countries. In nine to tenth Century. From the Guangdong, Fujian, Yunnan, a large number of residents moved to Tailand, so Thailand people eat rice, noodles, sauce, driedneat salted fish and eating with spoon and so on. They all have a lot in common with China mainland.
The spirit of the Chinese Cuisine, and will to foster exchange between East and West, has affected much of the the history of the world during the last three millennia.

Paper 2
My opinion after learned from the course
From a young age, I was very interested in Chinese culture. Maybe that is because my father is a Chinese professional master. He has many books .It is true that Chinese culture is learned unconsciously simply by growing up in a particular community or family. I read the books from my father’s bookcase since childhood, such as emperor series of Mr.Er Yuehe , who is a celebrated novelist on Qing Dynasty. And “The Amazing Tales” ,which is a representative works of the Ming Dynasty
So, In the first semester of sophomore year, when I saw the new class schedule, I was very happy to saw the...

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