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"A Passage To India" By E.M.Forster

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The merits of the English officials, and their faults and lapses. Forster's irony and satire. In "A Passage To India", Forster gives us what is largely an impartial picture of the English officials and bureaucrats as they functioned in India at the time to which the novel pertains. Forster not only dwells upon the merits and virtues of the Anglo-Indians but also exposes without mercy their shortcomings and lapses. Indeed, Forster's portrayal of the Anglo-Indians or the English community in India is one of the highlights of the novel and one of its outstanding merits.Anglo-India is caught here ...view middle of the document...

He shows " their stiff aloofness, their pride, refusing intercourse with natives, the contempt for the educated Indians, outbursts of irrational anger, especially in the case of Anglo-Indian women". Forster uses all his gifts of irony and satire in his portrayal of the English officials and their wives.Arrogant and haughty. At the very outset, we are told about the feeling of the Indians that it is not possible for them to be friends with Englishmen. According to Aziz, when an Englishman first comes to India he has every intention to behave like a gentleman but takes him hardly two years to become arrogant and hostile towards the Indians. He cites the cases of Lesley and Blakiston . The City Magistrate is the next example. After that it will be the turn of Fielding. Even the Collector, Turton, was all right in the beginning, but later underwent the inevitable change. Hamidullah points out that the wives of these English officials accept bribes, though an Englishman is clever enough not to do the job even after a bribe has been received. The English woman, saya Hamidullah, are mostly haughty and proud.

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