A Peaceful Evacuation Essay

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A Peaceful Evacuation
BUS 518–Project Management Leadership
Strayer University
WinterQuarter of 2015

A peaceful evacuation of the Gaza strip was the primary focus of Israeli Prime Minister Sharon. In order to accomplish this mission the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Yaron and Lieutenant Colonel Daniel were solicit by the Prime Minister Sharon. The leadership style of both Yaron and Daniels will be described and a comparison will be made to explain the pros and cons to their leadership styles. The use of Jung theory will help explain the interrelationship and how the personality and leadership styles might enhance or hinder their team performance in this case study..
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Leadership style of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel
As for the leadership style of Lieutenant Colonel Daniel I would describe it as Consultative. Daniel style focuses on using the skills, experiences and ideas of others (http://www.leadership-with-you.com/leadership-traits.htm).Daniel demonstrated these skills when he conducted searches to gather information on evacuations similar to the one of Gaza. Daniel assembles the IDF’s psychologist to brainstorm the evacuation process and use their ideas to execute the mission according to the government guidelines. Daniel also develops a team of psychologist and commanding officers to combine the operational aspects of the disengagement. Each of these examples of his leadership shows how Daniel makes decision to accomplish the mission with the skills and knowledge of the teams he assembles (Laufer, p 153 &154).
The pro to this leadership style is the final decision is made by Daniel and he has the opportunity to analyze the responses from his team before making the decision. The con to this style is that it lack the direct participation of Daniel in arriving to the solution of the mission. Daniel gathers the information need from other member of the team and does not help the team directly.
Compare and contrast the leadership styles of Yaron and Daniel
The leadership styles of Yaron and Daniel were similar because both were team builders that consult with the team before making their decisions. Both leaders used a method of role playing to help the soldiers be able to deal with the unexpected. Both leaders used lesson learned to help make their decision on how to continue with the mission. The major contrast to their leadership style was the way the participated with the teams they developed. Daniel’s approach was based on gathering information from past evacuations and from members of his teams with very little participation from Daniel in the process of collecting the data needed for the success of the mission. On the other hand Yaron play a vital role in collected the information and participation with the teams to execute the evacuation process. Daniel always understood in the vision of the mission “with determination and sensitivity”, whereas Yaron had use the term for over an month and didn’t fully understand its meaning (Laufer,...

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