A Perfect Society Essay

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A Perfect Society
Through his profound scrutiny about human nature, Machiavelli shows us some essential
qualities that a prince or ruler must have in order to maintain his state. On the other hand,
Thomas More’s Utopia clearly illustrate how to maintain a “perfect” society by abandoning
private property and money. Although both Thomas More and Machiavelli write about the basic
issues about how society work and what should be our position in the society, they have quite
different view about power management, governmental system and overall human nature.
Machiavelli represents power is one of the most important things that a prince should
possess in order ...view middle of the document...

Machiavelli would argue that this type of government will eventually
be more vulnerable to foreign enemies. Because, distribution of power among common people
would diminish ruler’s ultimate power and eventually make himself nothing but a common
people. Therefore, these type of society would be more vulnerable to foreign enemies and
eventually will collapse.
Machiavelli represent human as evil and self-seeking creature. As he says “One can make
this generalization about men: they are ungrateful, fickle, liars and deceivers, they shun danger
and are greedy for profit” (The Prince, 54). Therefore, according to Machiavelli, deserving
something good from human is not only realistic but also harmful as well. He would argue that,
set up an idealistic human society with the basis of justice and truth is quite impossible. Because,
for his inherent nature man will betray eventually and therefore, ruler has to use his cruelty in
order maintain his state. On the other hand, Rafael would argue that in Utopian society, there is
no way that human can be selfish, because, men will grow up in a society where everything is
perfect. And a person will be good or evil completely depends on the society where he raises in.
Therefore, in this perspective, Rafael would say that his Utopian would be better than
Machiavellian society.
According to Rafael, money is the root for all problems. As he says, “The rich will be
greedy, unscrupulous, and totally useless characters, while the poor will be simple, unassuming
people whose daily work is far more profitable to the community than it is to them” (Utopia, 45).
Therefore, he strongly supports abolishing private property in order to create a balanced and just
society. But Machiavelli would argue that taking private property from all the citizens regardless
of their social or cultural status is not reasonable at all. Because when people will realize that he
will get everything what he wants, he will become lazy and will not feel any initiative to think
about his future at all. Eventually, the whole nation will be less intellectual. Therefore, a nation
cannot be sustain very long with all sorts of dull and lazy people.

Furthermore one cannot simply break a capitalist society by taking all the wealth from
rich people in order to establish a Utopian society. According to Machiavelli, a prince cannot
simply accept new principalities without destroying everything in that society. Therefore,
abandoning capitalism for the sake of moneyless communism is not only logical but also harmful
for hard working people who want to work hard in order to improve their condition. Therefore,
according to Machiavelli, this type of Utopian society will collapse either from internal rebellion
or external enemies.

Social Habits or Customs
Our way of life,...

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