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A Pilgrimage From The Past To The Present

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A pilgrimage from the past to the present
Islam, a religion of the Muslims, is the fastest growing religion in the world with approximately 1.3 billion followers and growing. That is over one fifth of the world’s population. Islam, which originated from the common Arabic word know as Salaam, means Pease and a Muslim is one who submits to god. The religion teaches that its followers must submit to the will and laws of God to attain true happiness, peace of mind and eternal salvation.
The Prophet Mohammad founded Islam back in 622 CE. The religion descended to deliver God’s final and through the Prophet Mohammad (God’s Messenger) the message was revealed to the people and to the followers ...view middle of the document...

The divine revelations were memorized and compiled in the Quran, the sacred book of the Muslims. (Fetini Alyssa)
The Quran offered a new way of living. The Quran addressed every aspect, every hidden questions and unanswered wonders of the world. A book so powerful so strong became the new law of the people and was the guidance to all of existence including law and order, politics, women’s rights, and the life after death. “During his final Hajj, Mohammad described the Five Pillars of Islam that all Muslims should perform as a declaration of faith (Shahadah), prayer five times a day (Salah), almsgiving of a fixed annual amount (Zakah), fasting during the holy month of Ramadan (Sawm) and pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj). He also stressed the equality of all Muslim believers without barriers of race and class, better treatment of women and outlined his vision of the Ummah, a single Muslim community.” (Fetini Alyssa)
“The Hajj’s true origins date as far as 2000 B.C. the story began with Abraham. Abraham, a prophet of God had a son Ishmael.” (Islam) Hager was Ishmail’s mother and the Abraham’s second wife. Abraham had prayed to God for a son and as the Hebrew bible sites today, Sarah asked Abraham to marry her handmaiden Hager because she could not conceive any children. Through Hager, Ishmael was born but later Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Tension broke between the two wives and so God told Abraham to listen to his wife Sarah and to take Hager and Ishmael to the desert. In the desert, the young Ishmael cried with the thirst. His mother searched for water, which resulted in her running seven times between two hills, before God 'heard' them. The angel Gabriel then sprung a gush of water in the middle of the desert which is referred to as Zamzam water. Both the mother and son were able to drink in order to survive the desert conditions.
In time, passing traders and nomads stopped in the desert valley and requested Hagar's permission to water their camels. When Abraham returned, he was astounded to see his wife running a well, trading water with passers-by. As the traders and nomads decided to settle in the valley, the small settlement grew into the city of Mekkah and the well of Zam Zam proved to be a lucrative water source for thousands of years.The Zam zam well is still currently present and people drink the holy water daily. Through Hager’s actions, the walking between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah was born in the hills of Mekkah.
God gave Ibrahim the following order to build the Kaba. Together with Ishmael, Abraham built a 50-foot high cubical building known as the Kaba, The modern day monument that all Muslims pray towards. It is also believed to be the center of the earth. The kaba became the house of God or the house of Allah. Allah described the Kaba and its building as follows: "And remember when we showed Ibrahim the site of the [Sacred] House [saying]: Associate not anything [in worship with Me and purify My House for those who circumambulate it...

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