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A Poem By Me, Entitled, "Copulo Ergo Sum"

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Because I am an intellectualBecause I don't feel ready...For the coming creationOr the rapture that just happenedAnd I don't want spelunkers hoggingAll the black holes that I nap in(Because they steal all the best treasure)Because Cogito Ergo SumI break, deny, abstain, assumeI have my ball and I'm going homeCause I'm in preschoolAnd I don't careI'm in my roomI justifyJust try and stop meHonestlyYou grow up and your mottoes ...view middle of the document...

Ergo.Sum.What? Do I have to spell it out for you?I don't think that I said I wasn't...The doppelganger that I seemThere's my outline on the backgroundYou go ahead, move mountains in the seaI'll see judgment handed down(Because I take all your pictures)Because Cogito Ergo SumI airbrush, freeze frame, pan, and zoomBecause you worship eight-by-tensYour headshot stills, stillYou're going nowhereLocked in your roomYou try to cryBut that won't stop meNo it won'tWe grew up and our mottoes changedTo Copulo Ergo SumCopulo.Ergo.Sum.Because Cogito Ergo SumI break, deny, abstain, assumeI have my ball and I'm going homeNow kiss me, or you'll turn to stoneI think I don'tRestartI'm notI don't existOr maybe doI think we're all a bit possessedBy Santa Claus in JuneI think I'm just a bit obsessedWith Copulo Ergo Sum(and you)(but I was reluctant to admit it)

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