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A Preface To Democratic Theory Essay

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A PREFACE TO DEMOCRATIC THEORYAn influential political theorist named Robert Dahl discusses about how the power is distributed in America. Dahl proposes that we look at democracy as polyarchy, which describes a form of government in which power is invested in multiple people, in other words, a pluralistic democracy. The relationship between citizens and leaders in ...view middle of the document...

The relationships are better explained with the two stratums, political and apolitical. The citizens in the political stratum are people with political skills; if this group were to disappear, the political institutions would not function for a while. Most people in the political stratum are logical and organized with their choices and opinions; they tend to participate in political activities. An apolitical stratum is people who base their political choices on emotions, relationships, or short-term impulses. This group rarely participates on politics, sometimes not even voting. These individuals have less direct influence on politics. However, both stratums are dependent on each other.American politics is known to have an uneven distribution on power. Nevertheless, its political system has evolved over the centuries. This change has helped the nation maintain peace and equality among a powerful and diverse society.

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