A Quick Analyis Of The Play "Traveling Throught The Dark" By William Stafford

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The poem I chose is "Traveling Through the Dark" by William Safford. The first line of the poem sets the scene, as do most poems. The narrator has been confronted with a dilemma: Should he move the object out of is way (in this case, a deer on the side of the road)? He also indicates what course is usually taken, as this would be better for others. The deer he found at night time was dead. The dilemma is compounded by whether to roll it into a canyon, off the road. Doing so would require skill, because not only is it dark, but the road is narrow. If he ...view middle of the document...

The reason was that there was a live fawn in the doe's belly, but he knew the fawn would not be born naturally. He hesitated beside that road, wondering what to do.He stood to the rear of the car with the engine running, and he could her the silence in the wilderness, as though it were listening to what was taking place.His thoughts were the moral dilema, as "he thought for all of us" (1241). He thought about would be the right thing to do, and his swerving was tring to decide the best course of action -- perhaps to try to get the fawn out of the doe's belly so it could live or to push the doe with the fawn insider her into the canyon. This was in symbolic of the decisions we face.Doing the former act might be at the expense of human lives with other oncoming cars having to swerve out of the way, probably not seeng what was there -- until perhaps it was too late. The end of the poem is stark -- he pushed the doe and her unborn fawn over the edge into the river.The poet's word order was appropriate. The words made sense the way they were written. The imagery he created ("silence of the wilderness") gives the reader the impression of how alone the narrator is in the story, in the darkness, in the quiet, with nothing around him but this dead deer and the cold loneliness he must have felt from his decision.

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