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A Railway Journey Essay

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2. A Railway Journey - Essay

Essay Introduction

How pleasant is the memory of my last journey! It is still fresh in my mind. There is special reason why this train journey is a source of joy for me.

An Invitation:

During the last summer vacation, I received an invitation from my friend to spend the vacation at Allahabad. The idea of journey is filled my heart with pleasure.

Preparation before the start:

I at once started preparation for the journey. At last the day came when I was to leave for Allahabad. I got up early in the morning and packed up my luggage. At about 10 am I hired a rickshaw and reached the station.

Scene on the Platform before the arrival of the train:

I was to leave for Allahabad at 11 am I bought a ticket and reached the platform. There was a great rush of passengers on the ...view middle of the document...

I was traveling alone for the first time. So I had a good chance to enjoy everything. I looked out. I felt as if the earth was moving very fast. After five minutes the train was passing through fields and gardens. A few cattle were grazing here and there. I saw farmers ploughing their fields. Some were watering them. The passenger inside were talking loudly with one another. Some were playing at cards. Some children were standing near the rails in a filed. As our train passed by they ran in pell mell.


The trained stopped at Khuja. Here no passenger got down. After two or three minutes the train moved further. The train had hardly gathered speed when one of the men on the footboard fell down. His companions cried with one voice “Babuji pull the chain”. I at once did so and the train stopped with heavy jerk. Fortunately, the man’s life was safe. He received severe injuries. The accident killed my joy. At Aligarh I got a full bench. Having my food I fell asleep.

Ticket examiner:

I woke in the morning between Kanpur and Allahabad. After Fatepur the ticket examiner entered our compartment. He was wearing a khaki uniform and a khaki that. The voice “your ticket please, made the passengers alert. They took out their tickets from the pockets or suit cases. A young man entered the lavatory at the sight of the S.T.E. but the S.T.E. was too clever to give the Youngman an opportunity to slip. The Youngman appealed to him for mercy, but all in vain. He asked him to pay the fare along with penalty. He had no money to pay. He was handed over to the police at the next station.


Near the holy city of Allahabad I packed up my luggage. When the train stopped under the roof of the station I got down. Fortunately, I happened to my friend on the platform. He clasped me in his arms. Both of us took tea on the platform. Gladly we came out of the station building. We hired a rickshaw and started towards his home.

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