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A Really Short Multi Paragraphed Essay On Samuel Pepys Role As A Citizen Of London, As A Husband And As A Master

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Megan DrysdaleSamuel Pepys essayEnglish 12April 08, 2002The Journal of Samuel PepysThrough his extensive journals of life in the 17th century, Pepys reveals himself as an accepted man of the time. By writing about such important historical events that he witnessed, such as the coronation of Charles II in Westminster Abbey as well as his experiences and observations during the London Fire, to the everyday occurrences, creating candid pictures of his personal life. As a prominent figure in society, Pepys could also be seen as a role model that other men strived to be like, and was head of a household that included a wife and several servants, making him play many roles.As a citizen of ...view middle of the document...

A little less than a year later, April 23 1661, Pepys is present at the coronation of Charles II. Being a high official, he is able to visit all the tables, meeting with "the bishops and al others, and was infinitely pleased with it".His role in the London Fire was to suggest to the King that "unless his majesty did command houses to be pulled down, nothing could stop the fire" (p.363). He was to recruit more people who were willing to aid, and allowed Tom Hater "to lie at my house, and did receive his goods". All this proves Pepys to be a gentle and respected member of London's society. He appears to be very social also, playing his lute for the neighbours and meeting up with others around town, as well as having many guests over, such as having "Mr. Creed and my brother Tom dine with me."As a master and husband, Samuel Pepys was quick to anger over small circumstances, such as his "wife's clothes lie carelessly about" (p.359), and his servant Will walking "with his cloak flung over his shoulder like a ruffian" (p.360). In each instance, whether or not he physically hits his wife or man (such as "I gave him two boxes to the ear" for a slight answer), he later wrote in his journals that he was "a little troubled at it." He spends much money on his wife, such as buying her fine clothes and has her sit for a portrait. Although he did hit his servant Will, he in fact admits that "I never did before" and later feels sorry for it. Very little is spoken other about his relationship about other servants, although what he does write is spoken with familiar respect.

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