A Report On How The Social And Environmental Issues Affect The Marketing Activity Of Small Chain Coffee Shop In The Uk

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Drinking coffee is a daily routine for many peoples in the UK. Managing coffee shop must concern many stakeholders. Stakeholders is ‘are individuals, groups or organisations with an interest in, or who are affected by, what the organisation does’ (Boddy, D. 2008)
Therefore, social and environmental issue in society might affect the coffee shop management. Fair trade can be the aspect of social issue. Fair trade is ‘the policy of benefiting producers in developing countries by buying such commodities as rice and coffee directly from them at a guaranteed price.’ (Oxford University Press, 2006). Changing population age group might also affected by marketing coffee shop (Mintel, ...view middle of the document...

Row price is attractive point for all consumers, although, some people think quality of products is more important than price. Furthermore, fair trade makes producers in developing countries help their right (Oxford University Press, 2006). Therefore, increasing the wealthy people (Mintel, 2007) is good for managing this strategy which concern quality of food. It would make them to encourage buying the products on the business because they might concern this problem.

In general, there are many coffee shops which are big chain, such as starbucks, costa coffee, etc., in city centre. For example, there are four starbucks coffee in Oxford city centre (Starbucks, 2005). It can be argued that it cannot avoid stiff competition with other coffee shops and the big chain company has an advantage to beat the small chain the business. Therefore, it is highly likely that the small chain had better to locate in local area or small town.

There is a lot of way to promote the product such as advertisement, although, it make at great expense and these cost affect the price. Therefore, we can use customers...

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