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A Review Of Child Rearing

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The old adage “spare the rod, spoil the child” has been applied to many households in the past, but in truth, parenting methods and child rearing practices are as widely varied as are the cultures of the world. Politics, religion, family, and other environmental factors influence the way a child is raised and how that child develops. This review will attempt to examine the theories that have been presented as to how the various methods of child rearing impact the child’s socioemotional growth.
Delores Smith and Gail Mosby considered the possibility of a connection between the crucial reprimand of Jamaican and Caribbean youth and the trend of negative behavior among them. Based on a ...view middle of the document...

Smith & Mosby go on to explain that such severe disciplinary action leads to low empathy, hostility, aggression, depression, intelligence deficits, and conduct disorders during childhood.
While Smith & Mosby conclude that austere discipline leads to emotional defects, especially among Jamaican children, Dr. Judy Brink witnessed almost the exact opposite in Egypt. Citing Levine and John Whiting, Brink defines the parenting style of the Giza people as “indulgent” and “close contact”. She then points out that there is also a minority group that prefers a low contact style of parenting, and she goes on to compare the two. Brink theorizes that infants who are raised under the high contact method are more likely to develop a strong identity and a compliant personality, while infants who are raised under the low contact method will be less emotionally attached, and become more independent and egotistical. Brink reasons that, “There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that highly attached infants develop into more cooperative children who are more likely to accept parental commands, respond to parental teaching, enter into joint activities, and be less achievement oriented.” (Brink, 1994)
Eleanor Roosevelt also had much to say on the subject of child rearing. Paul Dennis stresses the First Lady’s viewpoints in his journal article entitled “Between Watson and Spock: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Advice on Child Rearing from 1928-1962”. Dennis cites the former First Lady’s opinions about the importance of character development and proper discipline in the home. She argued that, “The building of character was the primary object of socialization” and that, “this meant the achievement of good manners, self-discipline, a sense of duty, and an ability to think of others as well as of oneself.” (Dennis, 1995)...

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