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A Review Of Richard Brookhiser's Article "All Junk, All The Time" Criticizing The Boyband Phenomenon

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Yates PhillipsWriting 1320Dr. WuApril 23, 2001All Money, All the TimeIn Richard Brookhiser's article "All Junk, All the Time", Brookhiser explores elements of rock music which will never change because as he states "it is so easy to do well enough" (Brookhiser 607). He claims that popular culture rock music, or pop, is inferior to the musical stylings of classical, jazz, and show tunes. Contrary to these superior forms of music, rock music requires no talent, it uses repetitive lyrics to play to listeners with inferior intellect, and above all there is easy money to be made.Brookhiser's viewpoint may appear haughty or altruistic, but in reality his statement is fact. This type of satirical commentary has existed for generations and will for many more. His claim that drumming is easy and can be faked mirrors Voltairian commentary of long past. He argues that the guitar is not a refined instrument and in support offers that this ...view middle of the document...

, and watched his bright ideas generate more than $2 billion in sales" (Slotek 1). Since his creation of the two most profitable cookie cutter boybands Pearlman's boyband factory has, in concert with ABC, begun work on the next big thing to hit screaming teenyboppers everywhere, O-Town. This most recent project is one of the most impure musical endeavors of all time. The first and foremost priority of this production is making money, not making good music. These five teenage heartthrobs were brought together by ABC's reality based television show, "Making the Band." From a pool of thousands these five "artists" were picked based on their good looks, dancing ability, vocal quality, and personality traits desired by their target audience. This is marketing not music.A musical purist would argue that music industry moguls create rock groups to make money. A purist would also argue that when a group of friends meet in their parent's garage to practice a new song they've written their intention is to make good music, not good money. These people have aspirations of becoming great musicians. When they are introduced to the record company executives, lofty ideas of great music are often deserted by dreams of "making it rich." The record companies are interested in the marketability of their music and how they appeal to the public. Maybe the public doesn't always know good music when they hear it.Popular culture rock music is inferior. From the record moguls who make the music to the masses of people who listen, this business model of supply and demand has been established with intent to make money and lots of it. It requires little or no talent, uses repetitive lyrics to play to listeners with inferior intellect, and above all it's easy money. Brookhiser says is best, "It's Bottom 40, all junk, all the time" (Brookhiser 609).Works CitedCanada's Internet Network. CANOE. 28 March, 2001Richard Brookhiser. "All Junk, All the Time." National Review (25 Nov. 1996): 73-74. Rpt. In Writing in the Disciplines: A Reader for Writers. Fourth Ed. Mary L. Kennedy, William J. Kennedy, Hadley M. Smith. New Jersey: Upper Saddle River, 2000. 606-609.

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