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A Risk That Paid Off Summary

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Assignment 3_03
May 14, 2013

A risk that paid off…
Taking a risk can be measured depending on the situation that arises in the individual life. As an individual you must make choices at some point during your life that is believed to be “risky”. Although, most may instantly think of the word “risk” in terms of business ventures or deals, most risks are taken in everyday personal lives unrelated to business. This is where the odds are most against you and the decisions you make can have a major impact on your life or someone else life, whether good or bad. Such was the situation I faced back in 2007.
I attended the Schneider Regional School of Practical Nursing on ...view middle of the document...

There was a 90 day probation rule for school and it wasn’t looking to good for me, for I was on the verge of being expelled from school. I don’t think there could have been more of a shock upon hearing that news. The problem that was on the forefront of my mind was the risk of being expelled from school and failing as a single mom to my 3 girls. As the administrator, teachers, counselor each took turns talking the air felt still and silent, it felt like an eternity, before reality set in that I was this close to being kick out of school. It didn’t make sense at the moment and I felt that it couldn’t be correct. I after all was trying juggle school, work, and being a single mom. It was time to make the most significant decision of my entire life, school or work. It was such a gamble to make a choice either way. The risks were too great to take the decision lightly and mess up.
Should I quit school and stay employed as a CNA? Or should I quit my job, so I can carry out one of my long terms goals finish my education? How do I manage work, school and family time? What do I plan to do after I graduate from school? These were just a few questions that ran through my head and that I was faced with,...

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