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A Sample Country Address To Africa By Newly Elected Fictional President

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As you may or not know I am your soon to be president. I am proud to be the ` African American president for Africa. I have a variety of views and beliefs along with ideas to help boost our economy and save us from ever-present problems. My first initiative is a call to arms. A call to arms to do battle, battle against an enemy we cannot see, or even stop. Enemies we can only prevent, corner, and neutralize. The enemy I speak of is ...view middle of the document...

Personally, I disbelieve this argument, because there is a lack of substantial evidence to prove the fact either way. In this call to arms we must become aware, aware of the growing threat all around us, a looming threat of a future weak Africa. Next to China, we have one of the highest birth rates in the world. With this, we could cultivate our country into a thriving enterprise capitalizing on manual labor and other talents of ours. Nevertheless, because of HIV, our viral enemy, our population is being reduced to a weak generation that continues to spread this sexually transmitted disease. Our only hope to defeat this problem is to contain it and to contain it we must raise awareness, because we are not only battling Aids/HIV but also awareness of this disease. Sadly many Africans infected do not know they have contracted it and continue infecting and spreading this disease. Our country should be flourishing in economics and other aspects but instead is stuck in a rut of poverty. Our current growth rate is -3%. Alternatively, I should say our decay rate. Oddly, our country is not growing, we are shrinking! Moreover, if no action is taken all hope will be lost

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