A Scapegoat: Video Game Violence Essay

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A Scapegoat: Video Game Violence
Robert Huynh
BCOM 275
Peter Quinn

The debate between video game violence and reality has been controversial for the past few years. Parents and adults believe that the younger generations who play violent video games will be heavily influenced into perform violent acts. Tragedies such as: Columbine, Red Lake Massacre, Virginia Tech will never be forgotten and has put a huge stain on America’s history; however, all of which report the students were influenced by video games and sought to portray them in reality. In this article written by Joshua Gardner, a reporter for ABC news has conveniently used video games as a scapegoat for violent actions caused by students at school and creating false dilemmas that does not exist.
Video games are not the cause of violent behavior because there is no definitive proof. “The Supreme Court deemed California’s law ...view middle of the document...

Abusive parents, bullies at school, and shrewd authoritative figures will the source of a child’s behavior. Children will mimic the actions of these individuals and learn that violence is acceptable because interactions between their immediate surroundings influence their behaviors much more tremendously than a ‘casual connection’ to video games.
Secondly, the author in this article does not pick a stance; he merely lingers from one opposing side to another whenever he believes in convenient. Throughout his article, he constantly contradicts himself by quoting professionals who have opposing views on the subject matter and does not provide substantial evidence to support either side. He quoted Laura Davies, M.D and a child and adolescent psychiatrist in San Francisco, “Video games like Grand Theft Auto turn the consequences into positives. You kill a prostitute and get points, you’re rewarded.” Later to contradicted his evidence by stating that Chris Ferguson, department chair of psychology and communication at Texas A&M International Univesity, firmly believes violent video games do not lead to violence in the real world. This makes me question his validity and credibility regarding the subject matter. Both professionals did not provide significant evidence to support their claims.
In actuality, the author was only looking for a scapegoat in order to appeal to the media and satisfy his readers instead of stating the facts. Fact: video games do not condone children into doing violent acts; video games are a refuge from their harsh environments. Bullies who are not punished for their violent actions, school officials are powerless to take action (some even acknowledging bullying is okay), and abusive parents are constant reminders that the reality the children live in are not as pleasant as their fantasy island in a video game. Video games are their friends. Video games embrace everyone for all their flaws and introduce them into a world where they are the main character, unlike reality, the fantasy world revolves around them.

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