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A Separate Peace Essay

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John Knowles' novel A Separate Peace, involves a young boys' attempt to understand the world around him and himself. It is an age-old conflict set against a greater one: World War II. Gene Forrester, the narrator of the story, is fighting a war within himself concerning whether to live within the secluded and safe values found in a peaceful prep school or to move out of this security and into the confusion of the adult world. At the same time, he is waging a war against the domination of his best friend's approach to life. The novel chronicles Gene's fluctuations between accepting and rejecting the various aspects of these two worlds. A Separate Peace is an intensive inquiry into the nature ...view middle of the document...

Although the boys view pictures of the real war, they cannot really understand what it is like. A perfect example of such an individual is Phineas. He is Gene's roommate, closest friend, and best athlete in the school. Phineas wants desperately to be a part of that real war. He explains to one of the teachers at Devon , Mr. Patch-Withers that, "When you come right down to it the school is involved in everything that happens in the war, it's all the same war and the same world, and I think Devon ought to be included." (Knowles p.20) The fact, is however, that Devon is not a part of the real war. However, Knowles wants the reader to understand that for the boys at Devon, the war outside is the focus of curiosity; they know it exists but they do not understand it.
The reader first sees the competitive aspects of war as Gene summarizes the suspected enmity between himself and Finny. He/she sees the almost insane way in which Gene talks to himself. His comments suggest an attitude toward life and friends suddenly damaged by the reality of wartime conditions. It is important to recall Finny's argument that there can be no friendships and alliances in war. Gene begins to believe that, "we were even after all, even in enmity. The dead rivalry was on both sides after all." (Knowles p.46) The wartime psychology, the effects of leaping from the tree, of blitzball (a game developed by Finny), and the general atmosphere at Devon all converge to shatter emotions of trust and sincerity. It is easy under these circumstances for Gene to convince himself that Finny is his enemy, that Finny has consciously sought to undermine Gene's opportunities to excel in his studies.
Finny's theory that there is no war has more been designed as a defense for himself. The truth is that Finny would like to go to war, to be a great soldier, to win in war as he has always done in sports at Devon. But now, on crutches because of an unsuccessful jump into the river,...

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