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A Short Essay On Why The Lottery Should Remain Legal As A Response To Michael Sandel's Essay, "Bad Bet"

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Of all the issues facing America today such as September 11, racism, corporate scandals, state lotteries are most definitely not one of the problems America must deal with. State lottery games are by no means a form of "civic corruption" (as stated by Michael Sandel in his essay, "Bad Bet,"). Not only are state lotteries harmless, they are actually beneficial.For one thing, the lottery is an inexpensive way for people to dream. People like to fantasize about instantly going from living in a dirty run down apartment and taking the bus everyday, to living in a mansion being escorted by a limo. People know that there is an extremely small chance they are ever going to win the lottery, but they still like to participate as a way to dream and bring excitement to their lives.Sandel argues that lotteries are a form of gambling, which is morally wrong. But lotteries are not really a form of gambling if you look at it the right way. Lotteries are more like a tax donation, ...view middle of the document...

No one is forced to play...and those who object can simply abstain." Sandel goes on to argue that people wrongly justify the fact that the lottery is a of gambling by categorizing the purchase of a lottery ticket as a "sin tax." He argues that this is wrong because that would imply that the states are spending "huge sums" of money on advertising a "sin," whereas they do not spend any money on advertising other sins. This argument is faulty for two reasons. First, in order to profit from the lottery, it must be advertised, and because the state is in charge of the lottery, the state must spend money on advertisement. The reason the state neglects to advertise other things that have a "sin tax" is because individual companies already provide more than enough advertisement. The second fault with this argument is that sins such as drinking and smoking are not promoted because they cause harm. Drinking a bottle of vodka, or smoking a pack of cigarettes can cause grave damage to one's health, but there has yet to be a case where someone died or was injured from purchasing a lottery ticket.Sandel claims that playing the lottery is not a free voluntary choice. He argues that instant games such as scratch tickets and Keno are a leading cause of compulsive gambling. These people who suffer from compulsive gambling do not suffer because the state lottery is a horribly addicting game, they suffer because of they are prone to a compulsive behavior and would most likely form a compulsive behavior with or without the state lottery in their lives. Sandel mentions a man who scratched $1,500 worth of tickets per day, but this is just one case, while there are millions upon millions of people who play the lottery without suffering any problem of the sort.The state lottery has not only proved to be an innocent form of entertainment, but a great source of revenue. Sandel went on and on about why he thinks the lottery is so horrible, but he never mentions what a possible alternative is - because there is no better alternative. What else could that states do that would provide $34 billion nationwide a year, while at the same time providing a form of entertainment that citizens can chose whether or not to partake in? Until Sandel can come up with a solution, the lottery is by far the best answer.

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