A Simple English Essay About Teen Drug Abuse And What Parents Can Do

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Teen drug abuse is a prevalent problem and therefore a very pressing issue. Many teens use or abuse drugs but have no real understanding of the danger they are exposing themselves to. Research shows that 90% of all school children will be pressured by friends to use illegal substances (Focus Adolescent Services 6). Teenagers need the knowledge to make the right decision about drugs when introduced to substances.In order to address problems early parents should educate themselves about the warning signs of drug abuse. If a parent knows what to look for they will see changes in their child physically, emotionally, in school performance, in their relationships with their family, and in their ...view middle of the document...

After detox they are referred to rehab centers that are available in the community through county and state programs. If the abuser is in trouble with the law because of drug abuse they are required by the courts to participate in the programs. Otherwise the patients leave detox and can join programs or go back to their home environment and risk relapsing. (Sun Hawk Academy 13)Here are some examples of programs a patient can enter after detox. Sober living provides a controlled environment that allows the addict to live life day by day without the influence of drugs. The abuser lives with other recovering drug addicts and counselors that watch over the patients and help them set and reach goals for their recovery. Controlled communities are typically county run facilities that target teens in trouble with the law and abusing drugs. The abusers relocate to a home with other recovering teens. They live there with counselors that are trained in drug rehabilitation and provide support, counseling and education for the clients. Located on site are therapists the teens see daily to work out their emotional problems that are causing their drug abuse and problems with the law. (NIDA para. 3)Halfway homes are another type of program an abuser enters after detox. This treatment is similar to sober living but with less guidelines and rules. The participant's main goal is to live drug free and sustain themselves and be part of a working community. The organization that runs the community is responsible for providing job opportunities and keeping the community crime free so the patients aren't tempted by drugs(CADA 9).Different treatments have long and short-term effects on the patients. Studies have been done about the effectiveness of drug treatment and the longevity of its effects. Many studies show that drug abusers that become sober stay clean for about five...

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