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A Single Shard Summary Essay

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Chapter one

The beginning of the book introduces a young boy named Tree-ear, who lives in Korea. He usually scaveges for food in the village rubbish. One day he saw a farmer dropping a rice trail on the ground he didn't know if he should say anything. He spoke up and the farmer explained there was a whole in the straw box he had, had made and if he was patient enough they would have made the bag more durable for him. Luckily the farmer was thankful Tree-ear had told him and let him collect and keep the rice that he had dropped. Tree-ear thinks working to get food is a good dead but begging and stealing makes you no better than a dog. Tree-ear lives with an old man named ...view middle of the document...

But I can tell Tree is a compassionate character because he finds food for both him and crane. Which also shows he is very mature for his age (12). What connected to me on this first chapter is when he talks about watching pottery for hours and forget about everything else. I know when I throw pottery or watch videos, I am in a zone. I usually don't think about anything else or what is happening around me. The clay just sucks up all my attention and keeps me fascinated like Tree about how you can make it so tall and so fast.

Chapter two

Tree ear was confused because he had gone to watch the potter he usually does from behind the tree. But there was no sign of the potter. He slowly approached the house where he got to look closer at the work the man had made. There was a duck he noticed that could have fit in the palm of his hand. All the work was at the stage that potters call leather hard. On the shelf was a box made with a lid. He opened the lid to see what was inside, to find five smaller boxes inside. Stumped by how he made the boxes he questioned himself. The chicken started squeaking and tree dropped what he was holding and tried to cover his eyes by what was hitting his head. It was the potter and he was yelling “thief! how dare you!”. Tree begged him and explained he wasn't stealing, he was just admiring the work and admitted to the potter he comes and watches the potter throw. The potter questioned him accusing him of watching to see when he makes something of value to late steal it. The potter should the boy to leave. Tree-ear asked if in return of payment for breaking a piece he could work for him. He claimed he knew so much from watching him all the time. The potter doubted him very much though. Min (the potter) caved in and said alright come tomorrow. Tree hurried away and could not wait to tell Crane.
The next day when tree arrived he found out the it was Mins turn to cut wood for the kiln and that is why he was not home the previous day. All the potters share the kiln which is built into a hill. Min sent Tree to cut a cart full of wood. He spent all day cutting wood and it was very hard to control the homemade cart. On the way down the path the cart hit a bump and fell over. He was launched from the handles on the cart and landed head first on the ground. He picked the cart back up and threw the wood back in. A large piece of sharp wood cut his hand and blood ran out of his hand. He whipped it as best as he could with a piece of cloth from his shirt and wrapped it. Tree headed back to Min with the wood. When he got home Crane had food ready for him but tree pushed it away. Crane could sense that something was wrong and after tree laid down he fed the food to him as if he was a baby. Crane untied the bandage on trees hand and removed it to clean the wound. He dipped his hand in the water from the river under the bridge. Herbs that Crane had found was put on the wound of his hand and rebandaged.


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