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A Small, Quiet Bookshop Essay

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The first time I came to this small, quiet bookshop, no one noticed me. Even the mid-aged man sitting behind the desk near the door, who appeared to be the owner of the shop, did not look at me when I walked in through the glass door. He was almost falling asleep as he kept nodding his head. The whole bookshop was very quiet; everyone seemed to be absorbed in a magic world where no others could enter. I found a seat beside the window to sit down, casually picking a book in the numerous bookshelves. Actually, I even did not know the title of this book; all my attention was attracted by two teenagers sitting on my right hand side. The one with fair hair was a slender girl who was almost crying, and the other wearing black framed glasses was a good-looking boy with shining smile. Yes, smile. I did not notice it in the first beginning because the boy was unhappy—everyone could figure it out from his taut facial expression. They sat close but back to back. A ...view middle of the document...

Things had not turned any better to him, maybe even worse. I wondered he did not leave the bookshop at all—he sat in the same seat, even his brown coat remained the same. He looked rather pale, and his eyes sunk in. It was obvious that he had not found a solution to the problem that confused him. The seat beside the window I sat yesterday now seated an aged elegant lady. She looked pretty good despite of the wrinkles on her forehead. I sat on the left side of the puzzled young man. Ten minutes after I seated, the man started to look at his watch every three minutes. I guessed he was waiting for someone very important; maybe the one he awaits was the key to solve the puzzle. But nothing happened in the following 15 minutes expect that he seemed even more anxious. Suddenly the clock on the wall rang for 5 times. It was 5:00 p.m. now. On hearing the rings, the anxious man could not help standing up. He was about to leave. Just then, he picked up his phone—someone was calling him. All of a sudden, his pale face turned shinning; there were sparkles in his eyes. He quickly walked out the bookshop—to answer the extremely important phone. Until I leave, the man did not come back.
A week later, I went back to this bookshop. It rained very heavily outside, and only a few pedestrians were walking in the street. On the way I thought the bookshop must be empty now thanks to the rain. To my surprise, the young couples and the puzzled man were there chatting with the owner. The always sleepy owner was now in high spirits, and he greeted me for the first time, “Hello, friends!” He said, surprisingly warm. The young couples and the puzzled man also said Hi to me. I was somehow shocked by the unexpected welcome. I thought I was invisible to them. I knew more about them through talking. They were all regular customers of this bookshop. Small as it might be, the bookshop was very quiet, providing them a good place to relax after a busy day or to calm down whenever they encountered difficulties in life. They had been good friends and asked me whether I was willing to join them. “Of course I do!” I replied immediately. They even gave me some advices on writing the observation assignment. I was totally wrong to ever think this was an indifferent place, and actually it could not be warmer.

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