A Spiritual Approach To Counseling: Is It Significant?

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A Spiritual Approach to Counseling:
Is it Significant?

This paper will identify what spiritual warfare is and how it integrates into counseling, and explore steps to take in recognizing spiritual problems. It will assess the benefits of spiritual growth and why it benefits a person, and whether it is crucial to counseling. The illumination of the responsibility of the counselor to the counselee will also be addressed. The purpose will be to see if the understanding of the spiritual life and the application of that type of counseling is beneficial.

Is the problem physical, mental, or spiritual? This paper will aid in understanding spiritual warfare, the ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Anderson explains this in his book Discipleship Counseling, and he tells of a situation of a woman with who was ready to commit herself into treatment because of countless years of counseling, and not getting any results. After speaking with her and helping her through spiritual conflict, she felt free; the best she had ever felt. . Those at that facility did not recognize her problem as a spiritual one, and advised her not to seek other options. Sadly, she stayed in the facility and she lost her spiritual battle and circum to the world of prescription medication (Anderson, 2003).
Prescriptions are too often given to hide or cover up a problem. They do not stop the problem at its core; instead, it masks the symptoms and does not affect the root of the problem. Thus, the epidemic of dependence and abuse of prescription medication are formed, and the ideology that a pill can fix anything. It is like repeatedly prescribing a pain medication for a throbbing toe that someone keeps stumping. The best help would be to help the patient stop stumping their toe, instead of giving them medication to cover up the pain. In the field of counseling, the counselee would benefit greater by finding the root of their problems and treating them from there. The unseen spiritual battle can also be the root of mental and even physical dilemmas. The spiritual battle should not be exaggerated but it should be part of the equation when counseling.

Spiritual Growth
To be able to understand spiritual warfare effectively, one will need to grow spiritually. The process of sanctification is the process of becoming Christ-like, and when we take this journey we will grow spiritually. Not all counselees will have this ideal, but it should be the goal of the counselor to have them grow spiritually. For this to begin, one must be converted. Research conducted in 1900, showed that there is an “awakening of social and altruistic impulses” when one is converted (Starbuck, 1901, p. 373). This can be explained by the new nature of Christ. “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17, New Living Translation).
Counselor Responsibility
The responsibility of the counselor is to be able to identify what kind of treatment is necessary. Giving thought to all possibilities of treatment and causation. The recognition of both the spiritual and clinical approach to counseling is...

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