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A Street's LifeThe life of a street is very agonizing. It comes from people driving, riding bicycles, walking, and trying to maintain my flaws. And the weather is just so awful down here, too.The making of a street is the worst part. I begin as a black, hot, smelly, thick, sticky tar. Then I am laid on the ground and rolled over by a ton of weight to flatten me out. It is much like you do with bread dough and a rolling pin.After that comes the heavy traffic. Heavy trucks are just so tough on my surface. Thank god for rubber tires. If they were steel, consider me unborn. When the traffic gets heavy after a long day of work, drivers get sleepy and inattentive and start getting into wrecks. The worst ...view middle of the document...

It hurts!Then there are those bicycles. They would not be so terrible except for all that weight on those thin tires. That is anywhere from 100-400 pounds on two square inches of pavement. It does not help that they come one right after another.At last, people walking on me. The least painful of the bunch, except for the impact when their feet hit the ground. And then those stickers and gum stuck on the bottom of their shoes. The sticker painfully breaks off, but the gum just gets stickier with each step and finally is left behind to rot on me.The best part about this life is the weather. I can get back at all those people who hurt me. Most commonly I do it with ice. I use "black ice" to throw vehicles off my shoulders; I use regular ice in front of car doors to throw drivers off balance and chuckle to myself as they begin their descent towards the ground. It does not hurt me as much now because ice, rain, and snow are like a leather glove is on a hand.However, there is one kind of weather I do not like at all. That is the sun. Its menacing rays heat up my black asphalt, and it burns truly unpleasantly. I like it in the summer when a cool rain comes my way. However the weather does reek havoc on me sometimes. Like when the rain seeps into the cracks made by the traffic and freezes. It just rips me totally apart. And every once in a while where I am weak, I will create a pleasantly large pothole that drivers do not like to go through, so they choose a different route. When they get mended though I have to start all over again.It may not be the best life in the world, but somebody has to do it!

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