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A Study Of Ethics Essay

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The United States court system stands for integrity and justice, punishing the wrong and protecting the innocent. That’s what we have been taught since we were kids. Without knowing either the inner workings or the intricacies of how the system actually works, it is hard to imagine that a justice system with so much power can be so corrupt and simple at times. Even in a place where ethics and justice are the foundation of its being, the right thing isn’t always done. Because of the perfect situation, the criminal charges, and the ethical sensitivity, I would pass on the high priced lawyers deal and pursue the drug dealer. I am a proud person that couldn’t watch someone suffer due to my ...view middle of the document...

I would have complete backing of the state to chase him as well as their resources. This would give me an opportunity to get much closer thanks to his previous offenses and with all the extra help and power of being a prosecutor, I could get much closer than the ones before me.
The charges brought up also affect my decision to pursue the drug dealer until he is behind bars. The magnitude of the charge should only be awarded to the offender of the crime. This is a way of cracking down on all other criminals, by putting the right guy behind bars. This in turn would help deter other offenders and his accomplices, since they would get to see no one is invincible to the law. Just having this make the news may be enough to stop somebody he knew, or worked for think twice before performing their next crime. The punishment itself would practically rob an offender of the majority of his life. Putting someone behind bars for years because of a promotion and some attention is hardly worth the hit on your conscience. This is a huge reason why I wouldn’t even consider the bribe from the defense lawyer. The drug dealer had already been charged with previous crimes, and even though he got away with a conviction, he has such a bad record it can’t possibly be seen as a coincidence. Considering if I somehow managed to accept the defense lawyer’s deal and the drug dealer got caught a few years down the row for a similar offense, my reputation would be tarnished. People will then label me as a hypocrite in the court system lacking every ounce of integrity and lacking the bravery to do the right thing. This is something that I would never give into for any reason, and something that I’m too proud to fall victim to.
In an ethical sense, putting the mother of the drug dealer’s child behind bars would be the absolutely worse thing I could do. I would be letting a known criminal back on the streets, thinking he is even more...

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