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A Study On "Impact Of Leather Technology"

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Department of Accounting

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A study on the “Impact of Leather Technology of Bangladesh”

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Ganesh Chandra Dey
Department of Accounting
Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur

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A.M. Ahsanur Rahman Tonmoy
College Roll: 94
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Session: 2011-12
Student Type: Regular
Department of Accounting
Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur

Submission Date: July 8, 2015
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July 8, 2015
Ganesh Chandra Dey,
Department of Accounting,
Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur

Dear Sir,
It is an enormous pleasure to submit my term paper titled “A ...view middle of the document...

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A lot of efforts and study was made to bring this report to a reality. This would not have been possible without the selfless support and assistance provided by the people whom I approach during the various stages of writing this report. Although space and time prevented me to mention all their names, I am nevertheless thankful and grateful for their help.

At the very outset we the research team, would like to express our cordial gratitude to Prof. Muzahid Billah Faruqi, (The Honorable Principle of Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur) for giving us the opportunity to conduct this research.

I would like to thank Abdur Rahman, (Head of the Department of Accounting, Govt. Asheq Mahmud College, Jamalpur) for assigning us and giving opportunity to work on such an interesting topic.

I really thankful to Ganesh Chandra Dey, for providing us effective classes which were very helpful for our research work. This has provided me with the chance of working with realistic aspects, which helped me to acquire clear insights about the subject knowledge and practical issues applicability of Impact of leather Technology.

I am also thankful to all who help me directly and indirectly in completion this research work.


The Government of Bangladesh has identified the leather sector as one with considerable growth and investment potential ranked fifth in the export earning sector. Currently Bangladesh produces and exports quality bovine and ovine, caprine (buffalo and cow; sheep and goat) leathers that have a good international reputation for fine textured skins. However, the entire leather sector meets only 2-3% of the world’s leather trade worth US$75 billion. There are reportedly around 220 tanneries in Bangladesh but, in fact, only 113 tanneries are in effective operation that produce 180 million square feet of hides and skins per year. In addition there are about 30 modern shoe manufacturing plants engaged in the production of high-quality footwear, with over 3,500 smaller footwear manufacturers also present in the sector. There are around 100 small-to-medium leather goods manufacturers, and a small number of niche larger manufacturers. The sector directly employs approximately 8, 50,000 people. Most of the tanneries do not have proper effluent plants and there are about 49,300 tones of solid waste generated every year in Bangladesh

Tannery liquid and solid wastes are a potential pollutant but also have a potential value. Specific technologies to convert wastes are required. These vary from crude and simple to highly sophisticated and complex.

A proposed new leather park is expected to bring a clear transformation to the leather industry with a marked increase in production, product diversification and new product lines with increased sustainability...

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