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A Study On The Performance And Study Habits Employed In Learning English

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Chapter 1
The Problem and its Background
According to Maraya (2013), excellent academic performance is an ultimate goal of study for every student because it provides the half way of success in the future. Students need to know how they can earn the achievement in academic performance. As being students, the perception on study habits is necessary. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to find out students’ perception on their study habits and to evaluate whether study habits of Grade 5 and Grade 6 students in SMA has positive relationship with their academic performance in Learning English.
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The researchers also want to know if what are the alternatives study habits for the students.
Background of the study
According to Hernandez (2003), sheltered language strategies allow students to develop knowledge of subject matter areas through their English language. Through these strategies, teachers ensure that lessons are comprehensible to learners of different English language proficiency levels and also provide English language development (see Graves & Fitzgerald, chapter 5; García & Beltrán, chapter 9; and Dutro &Moran, chapter 10, in this volume).An effective sheltered instruction technique is to draw from the learners ‘background knowledge in the area of study. Relating the subject matter to the students can involve not only asking questions regarding what they have learned in school about the content but also eliciting what students know about the topic from their own life experiences and personal connections. If the teacher observes that students lack sufficient background or personal information or connections about the subject, then lesson planning needs to present basic foundations of the subject matter through the use of visuals, regalia, hands-on experiences, guest speakers, field trips, or related readings. During content instruction, complex concepts and information can be clarified through demonstrations and experimentation. Lesson delivery should include simplification of explanations and vocabulary development by means of showing examples, demonstrating differences and similarities, and speaking with simpler syntax and added gestures. As the students acquire more oral fluency and comprehension, the complexity of content that they can handle can increase gradually as a result of their more frequent communication in context-reduced discourse (Mohan, 1986). It is important to maintain a comfortable participatory learning environment that allows students to practice their English language without fear of making errors, seeking clarification, or taking linguistic risks. Giving students an amount of “wait time” to interpret information or to process questions related to content is encouraged before demanding a response. Students learning content via a new language may have difficulties with cognitively demanding tasks or with discussions presented in context-reduced situations with few external supports for meaning. Students may want to participate, but they may have difficulty formulating a response or incorporating appropriate content vocabulary learned in class. It is important for the teacher to frequently check learners’ comprehension by collecting and evaluating student work samples in the subject area. Monitoring a student’s degree of complexity in the use of the English language is another way of measuring progress in English language acquisition through communication-based instruction. In addition to the sheltered strategies presented for communication and comprehension of content learning, there are...

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