A Subjective Comparison Between Wolfgang Mozart To Dictator Ferdinand Marcos Of The Philippines

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Mozart was a great musician/composer. He probably is the greatest composer who ever lived. I never realized the extent of his prominence until I watched the movie on his life. He was full of such great talent. He was able to come up with beautiful music from thin air. He could memorize and play any tune after hearing it just once without even seeing the notes on paper. Mozart, however, was only human and he had a lot of flaws under his belt. He was a womanizer, a drunkard, and an addict. He had the potential to exceed his own abilities but his flaws got the best of him.He failed to do his job well for the Cardinal because of his horsing around with his future wife. He was already engaged yet ...view middle of the document...

He took up leadership in a time wherein the country was in crisis economically and socially. His goals at that time were to uplift the economic and social condition of all the people using hard work and self-reliance. His first term was innovative and inspirational. Marcos embarked on a huge infrastructure program, unifying the scattered islands through a network of roads, bridges, rails and ports, committing all the available resources to development. He carefully steered the Republic's diplomacy during a period of transition in international relations, which saw the confrontation of the Cold War give way to peaceful negotiations. He was host to the Vietnam allies at the Manila Summit of 1966, and embarked on intense personal diplomacy throughout the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).The national problems, however, were much graver than could be solved in any single term of office. Combining into an explosive force were poverty, social inequity and rural stagnation, the burden of centuries coupled with rising expectations, a bounding birthrate and mass-education. Criminality was on the increase. Marcos was trapped between the entrenched oligarchy, which controlled the Congress and the firebrands from the Manila student movement in the...

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